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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Forex Investment: Is it for REAL?

For so many times, I've been asking myself this question. Is forex investment is FOR REAL? Is it really open up to anyone who dare to invest their money to make (or lost) more money through foreign exchange trading?

For those who doesn't familiar with the currency trading, here are s
ome of the most popular currencies:
USD = US Dollar => also known as Buck
EUR = Euro => also known as Fiber
JPY = Japan Yen => also known as Yen
GBP = Great Britain Pound => also known as Cable
CHF = Switzerland Franc => also known as
CAD = Canada Dollar => also known as
AUD = Australia Dollar => also known as
NZD = New Zealand Dollar => also known as Kiwi

Most of us might been asking, is it legally conducted?

Well, there are legal brokers out there who're legally trading forex. BUT, there are also some kind of scams who are trying to take advantage on us. Therefore, you should be really, really careful.

Hmmm... so many questions should be asked before you start your investment in forex. The risk is too high. You might lost all your money. But, perhaps you are one of the few lucky enough to make lots of money trading currency.

Forex investment is not as same as gambling. I repeat: Forex is not for gamblers.

There're market trend that you need to know and watch closely before you make any decision: either to buy or sell any currency. Also, whatever happens around the world might give impact to the currency trading.

Oil price, gold price, war, natural disaster, change of government, election, etc, has an impact on the trading activities.

There are also some graph or trends that you need to analyze before making any decision. This could help to maximize your earning, and also to minimize your loss.

You need to build up your knowledge and trading skills before you start to trade real money.

YES! You can start trading with virtual money provided by most of the forex brokers.

This is call the "Practice Account", whereby you can learn how to BUY/SELL currency during live market open.

For more info, search the internet using any search engine: just type "forex" or "forex investment" or "forex account".

Who knows, this could be one of your goldmine?

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