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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Investing in Gold

Hah! This is a very interesting topic to talk about. GOLD!

here if you want to know more about gold.

Have you ever see a pure gold? I mean that 99.99% pure gold.

Most of us will never ever have the chance to hold it, or even to touch it (unless if you're working at the goldmine or gold processing factory or financial institute or at the gold bank).

Everyone knows that gold is one of the most sought-after precious stone on earth. Owning huge amount of gold shows that you're a very, very rich person. In the medieval time, it becomes the status symbol. The more you have it, the higher your ranking and the more powerful you are.

But, today, there is almost no more restriction for anyone to own pure gold (but, of course the only restriction is either you have the money or not to buy it). If you want to diversified your investment, therefore, you should add gold into the list.

WHY? Just see the gold price chart below and you will know the answer:

Surprise??? You should be!!! Because, in the past 10 years the gold price had climbed from about $275 per ounce to more than $900 per ounce. By the time you're working so hard to make money just enough for your family needs, the rich are getting richer and richer and richer just because they own golds... plenty of them.

But... don't worry. This is not the end of this world. You too can become rich. You too can start to have your own gold investment. Nowadays, there many ways for middle-class workers to start their gold investment.

1) Buy physical gold - coins, bar.
2) Buy gold certificates
3) Open a gold accounts at bank
4) Gold Exchange-Traded Funds (Gold ETX)
5) Gold Futures and Gold Options
6) Gold mining shares
7) Gold mutual funds

But, before you start to invest in gold, bear in mind that every investment does have its risk. The market might go up. And, it may also go down. Investing in gold is for a long-term investment. Therefore, please consult with the related institutions before you start buying gold.

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